In contrast to my years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, painting allows for a more personal path of expression although, one area informs the other.

Although I continue to experiment with different approaches, generally I forgo the planned result, preferring to exercise my mind’s eye by loosely sketching concepts, looking for exciting interactions of color and shapes in my day, and pulling the resulting impressions into imagery while resolving the questions and problems it presents thoroughly indulging myself in the conversation of colors, shapes, textures and matter.

Currently, I am exploring a multimedia approach, building layers with transparency and textures with monoprinting adding transfers and collage with my stash of painted or found papers.

As well as using traditional tools, I often use digital media and find it very freeing as it opens up possibilities that incorporate well into my process. This is a useful tool to evaluate work in progress or to create final works. Within the digital drawing program I either combine scans of my painting then draw and paint into them. Procreate is the primary software I use which I have learned to recreate textures similar to my mixed media work which allows for a consistent process.

For me, abstraction is real, probably more real than nature.
I'll go further and say that abstraction is nearer my heart.
I prefer to see with closed eyes - Josef Albers

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