Who says??

As much as I have heard that blog posting is becoming less useful or viable for artists and their audience, I might try just one if only for me to express what is going on in this head.

So, I have noticed my work change through the years and I wondered what affected the changes. Many reasons, for sure. Lately, my practice has changed because it needed to. And it’s inevitable and necessary.

Why this change? Well, I was a bit tired feeling like I was struggling to make work - not that it is easy but does it have feel to hard?? Challenging, yes! But, I think I was stuck in the tracks thinking of how my work “should be”. Who says? Did I take certain cues from others as to how I painted? Maybe. Seems obvious now to think more about intentional use color, but I am a late bloomer. Or just stubborn. Realizing that for the number of years I have been painting, I didn’t think I had much to show for it. Which if probably not a good way to think but I did.

By that I don’t mean quantity over meaningful work, but work that felt more natural, and moved along in a more progressive manner creating more consistently helping to further the course.

Last year I revisited color by taking a class online with Jane Davies, mixing lots and lots of colors, painting papers and collaging in smaller format, and I had a blast. It reminded me of my color theory classes. Although I think I am fairly skillful with color, counter to my design profession I had been reacting to color as the painting progressed, which lead to my getting stuck more - there are so many decisions to make and that was a big obstacle.

So I decided to approach it differently and pick colors more consciously at the outset. Changes of mind happen, but I gave myself more of a vague roadmap.

Armed with tons of painted color swatches and my extensive Pantone chips and books I started working on smaller monoprints (gel plate printing), mixed media collage works in rapid progression, rather than individual larger paintings where the focus was on one piece for too long.

Happily, I found these smaller works have been revolutionary for me and will prove to be helpful when the works gets larger which will be my choice. Size does not matter, it’s the content and intent.

So, still feeling challenged, but feeling more in my old neighborhood.

To Art!